Raido Pet Pod Collection

At Raido we all are experienced frequent flyers and pet fanatics. During our many hours walking the airports of the world, we’ve noticed that more and more pets accompany their owners on their journeys but rarely do they look relaxed or seem to be enjoying the ride. With them in mind, we have designed a pet carrier that brings together our luggage manufacturing experience, our love for pets and our Italian style. The result is something truly innovative.

Our versatile travel system AIRLINES APPROVED allows you to seamlessly transport your pet in two hassle-free fashionable ways: 1. With the removable wheels on, you can attach the pet carrier to your Raido carry-on using our dedicated connectors and simply pull your pet along without any effort. 2. Removing the wheels, you can stack the carrier on top of your Raido carry-on and enjoy traveling with your furry friend without having to lug around a carrier.

Unique Features

1. HYBRID STRUCTURE Our carrier´s hybrid structure offers a solid platform where your pet can feel safe lying down or standing up. Thanks to its soft meshed upper part, the carrier is light, flexible, and easy to fold for storing.

2. FOUR DOUBLE REMOVABLE WHEELS WITH REAR-BRAKE TECHNOLOGY -DOUBLE-WHEEL DESIGN guarantees a stable and smooth ride for your pet -REMOVABLE WHEELS for total practicality (remove wheels at check-in counter to reduce weight, when storing the pet carrier under the seat in front of you to increase height space, while stacking on top of carry-on, etc…) -REAR-WHEEL BRAKES give you the peace of mind of knowing that your pet will remain safely in place while you are not on the go.

3. PATENT-PENDING CONNECTORS Seamlessly transport your pet by attaching the carrier to your Raido carry-on. Our connectors limit unnecessary waggling movements and make your travel experience happier, easier, and lighter.

4. EXPANDABLE FEATURE When placed under the seat in front of you, you can zip open the expandable feature of the carrier so your pet can comfortably move around while in flight.

5. LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS Made out of 100% virgin ABS and nylon. The interior is equipped with a washable zippered mat made out of a waterproof, lint-free, durable, plush material.

6. DOUBLE ACCESS Top and side loading accesses. Top and three meshed sides.

Dimension H11.8 X W15.7 X D11.4 inches
H30 X W40 X D29 cms
Weight 1.4 kgs | 3 pounds

Removables wheels

Brake on two wheels

Double access and washable mat

Expandable in height